An ode to Google image search

Thank you, Google, thank you.

Thank you, Google, thank you.

I have always believed that washing one’s car is tantamount to doing a rain dance. Truly there’s nothing as effective as a buff and polish to bring out the rain gods and an array of sodden tree debris.

Recently, I also learned that a sure fire way to see yourself parted from your favourite pair of earrings is to approach your jewellery box, gently elevate said earrings in two-handed reverence, and say to yourself: “If I could only own one pair of earrings, these would be the ones.”

Yes, I actually did this.

Some three hours later my desert island earring dreams were dashed as I returned from a panicked trip to the Apple store one earring short.

Oh woe was me. Oh woe indeed. The fact that my little bits of cream filigree cost me all of about £2 from Accessorize several years ago is entirely irrelevant, the fact is that these earrings WENT. WITH. EVERYTHING!

I pictured my single lost earring cavorting with other singles in that place where independent socks disappear to as I immediately set to work online to try and find a replacement pair. This was harder than I thought. Until a friend told me about Google image search.

Eureka! What a discovery! You can’t do it from a tablet or smartphone, but from a laptop or desktop you are now able to upload an image and search for its likeness. I am told this is particularly useful when wanting to verify the validity of online dating profile photos.

I gleefully hopped over to Google Image Search, uploaded a photo of the more loyal earring of the two and voila, options appeared! I may have had to fork out a little more than £2, but I am thrilled that an Etsy package from Sweet & Simple  is heading my way as I type.

Thank you Google, thank you.

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