Well look what we have here…

…my very own website with my very own name emblazoned across the front. How perfectly vulgar. And yet shamefully satisfying.

I’ll be the first to admit that I thrive under a bit of attention, but there is a still enough of the polite Catholic schoolgirl in me to think putting your own name up in virtual lights may be considered in poor taste. But I am sure once I have tutted the appropriate quotient of tuts I shall embrace my new online home and use it as a vehicle to achieve the bigger life I am after.

Because jensmit.com (and jensmit.co.uk I’ll have you know) is a small part of a grand plan. A plan designed to shake off the corporate dust-jacket this risk-averse employee has been comfortably hiding under for the past 14 years in favour of an owned career true to the grammar obsessed, style-conscious, happiness evangelist that I am.

As for a job title – pish! Answering the question “what do you do?” with a job title is wholly undermining of the complex characters we all are. Answering the question “who are you?” feels far more authentic. For both my living and my life I feel the following three tags best describe not just what I do but who I am right now: WordSmit*, style queen, happiness evangelist.

It follows then that this blog will be my playpen for sharing all things wordy, pretty and life-affirming. Come follow me down the rabbit hole – it’s bound to be fun!

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