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mad men jen smallThere is no one Jenner than Jen. Which is quite possibly a good thing as multiple versions would put the world’s glitter supply under severe strain. And it’s hard enough finding one unicorn to ride.

African by birth, British by location, global in curiosity Jen is a London-based quaintrelle. A what? A quaintrelle – a woman unique in style.

A trained journalist, Jen has spent the past 14 years in the corporate world of marketing and communications writing, designing campaigns and generally causing a stir with her bold fashion choices and fear of misplaced apostrophes.

Because everyone likes a bit on the side, she also writes a column for www.thesouthafrican.com and appears weekly as a guest panellist on Arise TV‘s breakfast show, This Day Live and on London’s Colourful Radio. She has been published in The Guardian, The African Business Journal and various other little rags. She blogs, tweets, Facebooks and Pins and has written one children’s book. Literally. There was only one copy printed; the child loved it.

Colourful radio

She also rather likes the sound of her own voice which is probably why when SAfm, PowerFM and the BBC want a word from the common people, they call her up with surprising regularity. (She must be uncommonly common.) She really, really, really wants to provide the voice for a cartoon animal. Anyone, anyone?

Increasingly it is Jen’s style choices that are taking centre stage. Follow her blog if you too believe in glitter and colour and in fashion and homewares that are fun, affordable and personal. A slight obsession with umbrellas, stationery and wrapping paper will no doubt also feature.

When not writing, playing dress up or contemplating designery stuff, Jen takes the art of happiness very seriously. This means standing up for women’s rights, practising mindfulness, and constantly refilling her already half full glass. She sends postcards. Yes, actual postcards.

Jen is working towards being able to split her time between London and Cape Town. Watch this space.


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  • what an interesting read, you made me chuckle a few times.

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