16th Sep 2014

So, there I was, sat on a grammar high horse. Or something.

Are these six popular linguistic quirks here to stay?

06th Aug 2014

Your voice, even when you’re out

It's 'out-of-office' season across much of the northern hemisphere. What does your auto responder say about you?

17th Jun 2014

Zeitgeist and the art of not looking down

Zeitgeist is such a delicious world. Not only does it launch off a wonderfully rare ‘z’, but it rolls over itself in a pleasing loop of a rhyme. Yes, I rather...

26th May 2014

It ends with an ‘x’

Surely the most emotionally loaded letter in the alphabet. It’s hardly a letter anymore, is it? I mean apart from ‘X is for xylophone’ how often do you use it...