Jen is quite simply the best copywriter I’ve worked with. Her written work is fluid, interesting, often funny, and beautifully crafted. I’ve read several interviews she has conducted with senior managers and they are always excellent ‘reads’ – engaging, interesting, easy to read, and human.

Graham Munday,  Head of Marketing & Communications at WSP Environment & Energy

I have been following Jen Smit for a number of years and in different roles in WSP. Finally I think she is where she belongs – being a writer. Jen has a very good “ pen” and writes fascinating pieces on a number of different subjects. She was one of the most read bloggers in the company. She is perfectly happy to work on her own however in spite of that is a sponge when it comes to understanding trends etc in the world around.

Siv Axelsson, WSP Group HR and Communications Director

Jen can write. Brilliantly. She can write for web, for proposals, for press releases. She can write for shareholders, for employees, for clients. She can do corporate, first person and ad copy. She can inspire, engage, entertain and enthuse with words. She grasps key themes and messages very quickly and is able to convey the driest of ideas with clarity. She has a real talent. And she is a very snappy dresser.

Julie Guppy, Group Marketing & Communications Manager, WSP Group plc

I just wanted to send over a note and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your wonderful written word all around the world!

Karen Dyer, blog fan

Just wanted to let you know, I finally signed up to your blog, instead of waiting for its appearance. Its absolutely brilliant, I’ve read them all now, and will be plagiarising some of it in the near future I’m sure!!

Lorraine Wilson, blog fan

I hope that there’s someone in your life who showers you with as much love and kindness as that which you beam out – you are rare, Jen. Thank you for your sweet surprise and generosity; it touched me deeply and I’m glad there are people like you in the world!

Eileen, surprise recipient of happiness postcard

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