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Pretty things

I admit it, I like standing out in a crowd and I love it when people stop me in elevators or on the tube to comment on my style. If you’re a fan of bold colour, quirky accessories and stand-out shoes, follow me on Pinterest for my latest style finds.

As seen on TV

In addition to writing for, I am also a weekly guest news review panellist on Arise TV – an emerging 24-hour news and entertainment channel – and on London’s Colourful Radio. I contribute to SAfm and Power fm in South Africa and have also appeared on the BBC, CNN, ITV and Sky News. Available for corporate and commercial presenting.


My surname is Smit. I earn my daily bean stringing words together and wittering on about apostrophes. Honestly, branding this side of myself the WordSmit* was really the only option. Get in touch if you need a pen for hire – or just enjoy the wordplay on my blog.

Look, I made a song

When one of the items on your bucket list is ‘write and record a song’, it helps to know people who can make it happen. Lyrics and vocals, me; absolutely everything else by infamous South African DJ, singer/ song writer and musical producer, Jon Savage.

Hello. I'm Jen. WordSmit*, style queen, broadcaster and happiness evangelist. C'mon in - we have so much to talk about.

Nice words from nice people

To misquote Sally Field: "You like me, you really like me!" If you're wondering whether to work with me, here are some nice words from nice people. *blush*



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Straight from my brain to your screen. Brace yourselves.


My motto


16th Sep 2014

So, there I was, sat on a grammar high horse. Or something.

Are these six popular linguistic quirks here to stay?

06th Aug 2014

Your voice, even when you’re out

It's 'out-of-office' season across much of the northern hemisphere. What does your auto responder say about you?

17th Jun 2014

Zeitgeist and the art of not looking down

Zeitgeist is such a delicious world. Not only does it launch off a wonderfully rare ‘z’, but it rolls over itself in a pleasing loop of a rhyme. Yes, I rather...

10th Jun 2014

Backpacks for grown up ladies

Because that's what we are.

05th Jun 2014

Jumpsuits for beginners

Jumpsuits are everywhere this season. Are you suitably intrigued, but a little bit nervous? Here are my tips for jumpsuit virgins.

03rd Jun 2014

Tocks I’d tick

My top 5 pretty and affordable alarm clocks.

31st May 2014

Happiness is a good night’s sleep

Today I am sulking. Yes, I am a happiness evangelist and yet I am sulking. Why? Because for the second time this week, I spent most of the night calculating how much...

28th May 2014

An ode to Google image search

I have always believed that washing one’s car is tantamount to doing a rain dance. Truly there’s nothing as effective as a buff and polish to bring out the rain gods...

26th May 2014

It ends with an ‘x’

Surely the most emotionally loaded letter in the alphabet. It’s hardly a letter anymore, is it? I mean apart from ‘X is for xylophone’ how often do you use it...

19th May 2014

Well look what we have here…

…my very own website with my very own name emblazoned across the front. How perfectly vulgar. And yet shamefully satisfying. I’ll be the first to admit that I thrive under a bit...